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Goshen, New Hampshire, a small town nestled in the foothills of Mt. Sunapee, north of Keene on Route 10, once was comprised of Mill Village and Goshen Four Corners. Although the shops, saw and grist mills, and farms have disappeared, and the town has grown, it still retains its small-town atmosphere and sense of community.

Goshen is home to Gunnison Lake, which was built for flood control purposes and has a three mile trail around it- great for hiking, trail running, and geo-caching. The lake provides canoers with a serene spot on a warm day - loons, Merganzers, black bear, and other wildlife are frequently spotted here. Pillsbury State Park is located nearby- another  draw for nature-lovers, hikers or geo-cachers.

We invite you to visit our town the next time you are in the area. In the meantime, take a look at a sample of the handicrafts made here and the picturesque places that make Goshen such a wonderful community - one of the state's best places to live.


Handcrafted and locally made

We will be adding descriptions and pictures of our local artisans' wares soon.




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